Welcome to my website....   a bit about me and why I do what I do....

    I make art because I'm a lousy housekeeper, the art gives me an excuse to be messy.  Besides, to me it's more fun than math or science..  I guess what it really boils down to is that I make art because I just need to do it.  That's it, no search for meaning of life or anything profound, I just need to do it so I do
  I grew up on Union Lake in Commerce Township, Michigan and began drawing and designing at an early age.  I'm a graduate of Grand vallery State University and stidied at Hillsdale College and at the Art Institute of Chicago. 
   Grand Haven is home and I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and the many artist friends who live and work in the area.  You can see my work regularly at the Gallery Uptown in downtown Grand Haven, Michigan.


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